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About My Journey

I have always been sensitive to people and animals with a deep feeling and knowing that I couldn't explain.  Because I didn’t understand my sensitivity and I felt “different” than others, I didn't pay attention to my intuition for a long time.

Fast forward to 2001. . . I started rescuing kitties and, before I could even be fully aware of what was awakening in me, I was tapping into my sensitivity and intuition to meet the needs of the kitties.

In the winter of 2017, Samson, our most skittish kitty, got out the back door by accident and disappeared.  My heart ached and I remember thinking “why can’t I figure out where he is?” and “if I could just connect and talk with him, I could find him.” 

I was desperate.  I hired at least five animal psychics specializing in finding lost animals.  My search to find “the answer” of how to communicate with Samson so I could find him led me down a path I could not have dreamed. 

I came across an ad for a book written by Danielle MacKinnon entitled Animal Lessons, with the opportunity to join an online book club about the book starting the next day.  I bought the book and signed up for the book club. 

I knew almost immediately that what Danielle had written about in her book was what I had been searching for a long time.  Animals are in our lives to teach us how to be the best version of ourselves.  And, I can communicate with them.  I felt like the door to my sensitivity and so much more had been cracked open again.  I had to learn more.

I struggled at times to trust and believe in myself but, through it all, I've learned to connect to my inner knowing again.  Our animals want us to know what they have to say and how they are working with us so we can live our best lives.

While I did not find Samson, I know without a doubt that he led me to animal communication.  He showed me the way to do what I love . . . work with humans and their animals to deepen their bond.  I am so grateful for the time I had with him and he is in my heart forever. 

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