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How do I prepare for an Animal Communication Session?

Find a quiet place free of interruptions.  You may want to have paper and a pen to record any information received during the session. Sometimes the information you receive in a session doesn’t make sense at the time, but will later.  Having notes will help refresh your memory and better understand the information received during your session.

How does an Animal Communication Session work?

I will be connecting with you and your animal for this reading. It is best NOT to share any information about your animal with me prior to our session. The goal in one of these readings is to find the soul level lesson your animal is trying to teach you.  It is quite common for the animal to use behavior problems, health issues or just their demeanor as a way of teaching.  They often use these methods to motivate their human into taking action to help them to grow, heal, and evolve.  Your animal does not have to be with you during the reading.  In fact, many of the animals I read have already passed. 

If the animal is alive, I will do a body scan of the animal and feel if there is any area in your animal's body that needs attention. However, if you have medical concerns about your animal, please see a veterinarian for advice. An intuitive session is not meant to prevent, diagnose or treat any medical condition.

How does a phone session work?

Sessions are scheduled in the Central Time Zone of the U.S. and are 30 or 45 minutes long. I will call the client in North America unless another arrangement has been made (such as Skype/Zoom). Clients located outside North America must call me at their own expense or use Skype/Zoom. Please do not use speaker phone due to call quality.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

All sessions may be cancelled and fully refunded up to 24 hours ahead of the appointment. You may also reschedule and to do that I request at least 24 hours prior notice.

​Please understand that I can not grant refunds for not showing for an appointment. No exceptions will be made.

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