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Communication Readings

Dianne offers readings by phone or, if outside US/Canada, by Zoom.

During a 30-minute session, Dianne will connect intuitively to your energy and your animal's energy. The goal is to get a better understanding of yourself and your animal, the relationship between the two of you, and what your animal may be teaching you through their behavior and personality. During the session, there is time for you to ask your animal a few questions.

30 Minute Session $65.00


During a 45-minute session, Dianne will have time for more in-depth insight into the lesson your animal is teaching you. If you are interested in connecting to more than one animal, or are interested in asking your animal several questions, this length session will be best for you.

45 Minute Session $85.00



When you click on "Schedule A Reading", you are connected to a secure booking site.

Give the Gift of an Animal Communication Session


If there aren't any available times listed that suit your schedule, please contact Dianne at to make an appointment.

*An animal communication reading is not a substitute for veterinary care.* 

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