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I had a wonderful conversation with Dianne, she is a true intuitive with a special gift. Her spiritual connection to animals is very evident, and it is with great precision that she can accurately report details from the animal back to the human. In our conversation, I was able to realize that even though my cat has been gone for many years, he is still right by my side. The reading was insightful and right on target with many issues I am struggling with in present day life. Through Dianne's connection with my cat, I've learned I am in control of my own destiny and am not alone. In fact, my cat is there cheering me on and giving me support. I felt more hopeful, relaxed, and positive after the reading, as though a weight had been lifted. The session was exciting in that I felt closer to my cat again, and I learned so much about myself. I highly recommend Dianne as an intuitive if you are looking to learn more about this connection with your animal and yourself as well !  Kathy B. - Skokie

Recently Dianne did a “reading” for my dear cat, that died several years ago.  Snuggles’s end of life experience was filled with so much suffering, it was comforting to find out that she is now surrounded by beauty and wanted me to know she is well!  Snuggles previous owner also “showed-up” in the reading and I remember smiling, because I felt that presence, also.  This was a person that could no longer care for Snuggles and asked me to care for this dear cat!  Dianne’s unique ability to connect animals with their owners, even when they have passed, is truly a gift.  I say huge thanks! M. K. - Evanston

Thank you, Dianne, for an insightful session with our treasured 13-year old girl. Valentine was totally comfortable with your connection to her during the session, and I was too. Because you were able to understand her personality so well, your awareness helped us to be better pet parents and understand her needs even more. We appreciated your time, compassion, and expertise. I’m looking forward to more sessions in the future with all of our pet family (past and present).  Amber S. - Naperville

I have been familiar with "human" intuitive readers, and wondered about animal ones.  I am so glad to have found Dianne.  My 12 y/o lab has had so much loss, (2 cats and his golden buddy)  I was very curious to see how he is doing with regards to  loss. Dianne reassured through Musky that he is OK! Also she visualized him sitting with his paw on my knee and one near my eyes, which tells her that he is wiping away my tears.  Dianne also does a reading of me and was spot on!!!   Angela C.

My reading with Dianne was so amazing. She brings an innate and compassionate sense of connection to the animal spirit world. During our time together, she shared with me things about my dog that only I would know. Her words were warm, thoughtful, and precise, but mostly she reassured me that my sweet dog is still very much present in my life, even after being gone for ten years.  Thank you. Michael B.

Dianne’s reading was more than I could have hoped for. My dog Bosco was truly my child, and Dianne was so in tune with him in the moment, I felt as if she could reach out and hug him for me. Ever since his passing, I had suspicions of where his soul was, without ever mentioning it to her, she knew right away that he was still very close to us. It was heartwarming and incredible the details she picked up about his personality and mannerisms, it put me so at ease to have closure! Her gift for animal intuition is so amazing I have referred her to several people who have called back to say what an amazing experience they had as well. She is warm, she is focused, and I believe she might be 25% feline and 25% canine! Dianne is truly intuitive and sensitive in every way!  Liz B. - Highland Park

I had an amazing call with Dianne, she was able to communicate with my very sick dog and help me understand what she is feeling ( she literally knew exactly where her pains and troubles were that I am aware of from an ultrasound)... and that she is ready for me to help her cross over soon. Although it's extremely difficult, it gave me peace. She also communicated with a few of my other pets, living and crossed over, knew all of their different personalities and filled me with love knowing they are all happy and okay. I have already told family and friends who are animal lovers that they need to have a call with Dianne, it is so worth it.   Inger B. - Chicago

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